Track store performance based on weather or custom events

Software that gives you more control of your events

Track store performance based on weather or custom events

Measuring the success of events, campaigns, or weather prove to be very useful for future planning. GiftLogic’s weather/event tracker helps you understand sales figures by associating them to a tracked event.

Features Include:

  • Create tags for any event: weather, sidewalk sale, tour bus visits…
  • Simple tag creation with drop down menu
  • Reuse previously created events
  • Tags assigned to sale automatically default for subsequent sales on that day
  • Multiple reports available for reviewing sales during events


  • Better understand daily sales variances
  • Review outcome of scheduled events
  • Make well-informed decisions for future campaigns
  • Plan for weather patterns with confidence
  • Use past event results to schedule staff appropriately
  • Group weather with events to capitalize on foot traffic
  • Compare sales totals from previous events

*Included with every GiftLogic license.


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