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How Retailers Offering Gift Registries See More Growth

Think gift registries are strictly for big box retailers? Think again! Retailers of all sizes can benefit from gift registries. After all, by allowing your customers to register for their special occasions at your store, your store will be introduced to all of their close family members and friends. Below are a few more reasons why retailers should add gift registries to their service offerings:

  1. Increased exposure - If you offer a wedding registry and a bridal couple invites 250 guests to the wedding, your store would be exposed to 250 potential customers! According to The Knot, 88 percent of engaged people set up a gift registry. In addition to sharing their gift registry details by word of mouth, many couples post the information on social media sites. Couples planning small weddings may still cast a wide net by sharing their gift registry on Facebook and other social networking sites.
  2. Increased sales - Gift registries bring in new customers, resulting in additional sales. According to The Knot, family members typically spend $146 while friends average $79. Don't you want to tap into that market?
  3. Something for everyone - Gift registries aren't just for weddings. You can set up gift registries for virtually any occasion including baby showers, anniversary parties, graduation, and birthdays. You can even set up a gift registry for pets if so desired. No matter what type of merchandise you sell, you likely have customers who would love to receive your items as gifts. In addition to being able to offer a registry for your customers, gift registries allow their family members and friends to choose from a variety of items in a variety of price ranges. Even if your store is highly specialized, it could be the perfect alternate gift registry (The Knot says that most couples set up three wedding gift registries).
  4. Value-added service - Your best customers love your store. That's why they keep coming back. By offering a gift registry, you are adding value to your current customers. Not only that, if you don't offer a gift registry, they'll have no other choice than to register with a retailer that does. Don't risk losing your best customers. Keep them happy by providing a gift registry service.

Though big box retailers have offered computerized gift registries for years, setting up a gift registry is easier than you may think. For example, GiftLogic Point of Sale software offers a gift registry add-on. Once installed and configured, you can easily set up baby, birthday, wedding, and other special occasion gift registries for your customers. From there, set your customer loose with a handheld scanner and get ready for an influx of new customers. When someone buys a gift registry item, the GiftLogic software updates the gift registry as well as automatically prints a gift receipt.

If you want to add value to your existing customers as well as increase your store's exposure and sales, adding a gift registry is a must.