Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my data from my old system?

Yes. As long as your old system can export a spreadsheet or CSV file, we can import your data into GiftLogic.

Does GiftLogic integrate with QuickBooks® Pro Accounting software?

Yes, just a few clicks of the mouse will send transaction data to your QuickBooks® Pro Accounting software.

Can I use my standalone credit card system?

Yes, You are welcome to use your own standalone system although credit card processing options are built into GiftLogic. Click here to see Integrated Credit Card Processing Partners.

Is your technical support outsourced?

No, GiftLogic is Developed, Sold and Supported at our headquarters in Englewood, Florida.

How will my order be shipped and when?

We understand your time is important. Most orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx within 24 hours of when the order is placed. Most hardware orders are shipped directly to you from the manufacturers and suppliers.

Who should use GiftLogic point of sale software?

GiftLogic Point of Sale is designed to be a helping hand to all retail operations. With full inventory control and a comprehensive reordering system, GiftLogic provides business changing advantages other Point of Sale Systems cannot. Isn’t it time you experienced the GiftLogic difference?

Does GiftLogic handle special and unique sales?

GiftLogic Point of Sale comes equipped with utilities to help track and manage Special Orders, Layaways, and Store Charge Accounts, all while giving retailers flexibility to achieve greater sales.

Will GiftLogic work with my existing hardware?

GiftLogic has been designed to be compatible with most Point of Sale hardware peripherals. Please check with a GiftLogic Sales Representative to confirm the hardware you have or plan to purchase will be compatible with your new GiftLogic System.

Where can I buy GiftLogic Point of Sale?

GiftLogic Point of Sale can be purchased by calling GiftLogic at 1-877-405-4438, or by clicking HERE!

Does GiftLogic have a return policy?

No. All sales are final. We can go over every question you may have and show you all of the features you wish to see. We encourage everybody to see a live demonstration. You will know exactly what you are getting when you purchase GiftLogic.

Do I have to enter each customer, vendor, and inventory item one-at-a-time?

No! You can save hours of manual data entry by importing your company information from our Microsoft® Excel templates.

What kind of computer do you offer to use with GiftLogic?

We offer a brand new Dell® computer as a purchase option with GiftLogic. It is shipped directly from Dell® and is NOT a refurbished model. Standard manufacturer's warranty applies.


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