Custom Orders

Increase Conversion Rates by Turning Lookers into Buyers with Custom Orders


Good customer service requires keeping track of custom orders. Use custom orders when a customer orders something not in stock or for special orders not normally stocked or for work words that require service work like engraving or embroidery. No matter what the purpose, GiftLogic’s custom orders utility is a more accurate way of storing orders in your retail store.

Features Include:

  • Set minimum deposit requirements
  • Deposits calculated automatically
  • Accept payments at any time
  • Add special notes to print on order
  • Assign due date
  • Charge shipping fees and specify ship to address
  • Print pick tickets
  • Add items or info to an existing order
  • Review open custom orders & history
  • Leave open until purchase is picked up
  • Custom order policy prints on each receipt
  • Open multiple custom orders for the same customer
  • Find orders with ease using filtering capabilities
  • Designate refund options
  • Close or cancel custom orders

*Included with every GiftLogic license


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