Top 3 Reasons to Use a Battery Backup for your POS Computer

You may be affected by factors beyond your control, such as power outages. In such situations, a battery backup may be your savior. Here are the top three reasons why you might want to consider using a battery backup.


Do You Back Up Your Point of Sale Software Database Every Day? You Should...

Data loss can always do great damage to the smooth running of your business. Backing up your point of sale software database should be as much a part of your daily routine as welcoming your first customer of the day, cashing up your takings, and locking the premises at the end of trading.


The Benefits of Financing for Small Businesses

There are many reasons that equipment leases or loans could be right for your business.

Friends and Family Discount

Should You Offer a Friends and Family Discount?

When it comes down to it, you need to keep your business afloat and profitable. Offering too many discounts can risk this, and so if you choose to run a family and friends policy, it should be closely monitored and kept on a tight leash.

I Don't know Blog

5 Things Employees Should Say Instead of 'I Don't Know

No matter where a retail associate is in their career, however, there is bound to be a time when a customer asks them a question that they don't know the answer to.

Early For Work

How Early Should You Show Up for Work? There's a Balance to Strike...

Simply being on time isn't the end of the story - there are many benefits to showing up for work a little earlier than you strictly need to.

Don't be clouded by Cloud image

Don't be Clouded by Cloud

Before making your purchase, weigh the pros and cons of the software. Don’t let your judgement be clouded.

Hiring the Best Employees

Hiring the Best Employees

Hiring the right employee can be a challenging process but hiring a bad employee could cost you. Here are some tips to follow during the hiring process.

Are You Playing Store

Are You Playing Store?

Are you just playing store or are you running a successful business? Let's talk about ways to ensure a prosperous business.


Prevent Friendly Fraud

Chargebacks, also known more specifically as friendly fraud, is becoming more and more of an issue for merchants these days. Here are tips to prevent it.

Turn that Frowm

Turn Your Customers Frowns Upside Down

Keeping your calm while dealing with customers is easier said than done. By utilizing these steps it should help to make that process much simpler, as well, as provide excellent customer service that keeps your patrons coming back!

Valentine's Day Revenue

Fall In Love With Valentine's Day Revenue

A few tips to bring in sales during the Valentine's holiday.

Black Friday Blog Image

5 Tips For a Successful Black Friday

Necessities to ensure that you and your store experience the most successful Black Friday.

Customer Counting Blog Image

Should I Be Concerned With Customer Counting?

Insight on why customer counting is a standard for many successful businesses.

Five Easy Sales Blog Image

Top Five Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Increase Sales

Increasing sales in your business starts inside-out with these tips from global retail leaders.

Window Displays Blog Image

Do Window Displays Matter?

Here are a few key reasons why your window display matters.

Chamber of Commerce Blog Image

Reasons Why You Should Join a Chamber of Commerce

Are you an active member of your local Chamber of commerce? What can the Chamber do for your business and you?

Inventory Management Blog Image

What is Inventory Management?

A look into what Inventory Management means to you and your business.

StoreFront Blog Image

Clear out the First Few Feet of Your Store

Are you ready to increase profits? All it takes is a relaxing atmosphere: peaceful music, soothing displays, and most of all some space for customers to decompress. Make sure the front of your store soothes tired shoppers, and you will watch your sales reports skyrocket.

Grand Opening Blog Image

Top Ways to have the Best Grand Opening for your Retail Store

Unveiling you new business can be a launching point to the retail stratosphere. Here are some insights in to making the first impression a lasting one.

Radio Advertising Blog Image

Advantages of Advertising on the Radio

Radio advertising can be music to your businesses ear. Here are 7 quick reasons Radio Ads can keep your customers flowing to your store.

Instore Event Blog Image

Five Reasons to Have a Store Event

Hosting events in your business can provide exciting customer experience to build and nurture customer loyalty. Here is a look at the top reasons for planning events in your retail business.

Checkout Counter Increase Blog Image

Steps to Increase Sales at the Checkout Counter

You can increase your average sale by adjusting and focusing on a great checkout counter. Here are 5 vital points to increase your profits with effective product placement and suggestion.

Inventory Knowledge Blog Image

How Well Do You Know Your Inventory?

Tracking inventory can be approached in many ways. And today’s retail operators are finding time saving benefits with a common coffee table topic that’s making big innovations in recent years.

Employee Discount Blog Image

Six Ways Your Retail Store Can Benefit from an Employee Discount Program

Are you considering if a employee discount is good for your business? Here are a few reasons that tip the scale towards this employee perk.

Military Discount Blog Image

Why You Should Offer a Military Discount in Your Retail Store

While providing a valuable incentive for local military personnel and veterans you can achieve a lot for your business and your community.

6 Reasons POS Blog Image

6 Top Reasons Your Company Needs a POS System

A look at some vital advantages you can expect with your point of sale solution.

Customer Rewards Blog Image

Customer Loyalty Programs: 5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make

Customer reward and loyalty programs can drive business through the roof. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid to ensure a successful program and crowds of happy loyal customers.

Direct Mail vs Email Blog Image

To Email Market or Direct Mail Market? That is the Question

We go inside the numbers for a in-depth look at which vehicle will give you the results you’re after.

Physical Inventory Blog Image

Why Performing a Physical Inventory is Essential to Your Retail Shop’s Success

Inventory control is an obvious need, but what about performing physical inventory count and how frequently is best for you? We take a look at why and how often you should execute a physical inventory for your business.

Mannequins Blog Image

How to Use Groups of Mannequins for a Store Display

This holiday season get prepped for the shopping madness. A proper display can work wonders for the mad dash customer. Here are some best practices for mannequins and displays.

Lighting Blog Image

Let There Be Light — Light Up the Dark Areas of Your Store

Setting the mood with lighting can lure and relax more customers into your retail business. Keep these lighting tips in mind to create a even greater shopping experience.

Great Return Policies Blog Image

5 Stores with Great Return Policies

A closer look- 5 store return policies that work to improve customer experience and repeat business.

Advertising Blog Image

Things To Consider When Choosing How And What To Advertise

Are you struggling with advertising? Here are some critical steps to generating a strategy and vehicle for your advertising campaign.

Labels Blog Image

Why Making Your Own Price Tag Labels Will Make Your Store Stand Out

Custom labels help create a unique and memorable experience for your customers. Here is a look into how custom labels can achieve this.

Checkout Counter Blog Image

Declutter Your Checkout Counters

Less is more; truly neat counter tops make a difference for customer experience and add-on sales. Here are some tips to keep in mind for laying out your cash counter.

Cash Drawer Blog Image

How Much Money Should I Keep in the Cash Register

Security and best practice tips for how much you should keep in your cash drawer. How to manage your cash at busy times and tips for Christmas rush.

Going Green Blog Image

How Your Business Can Profit by Going Green

Are you on the fence about going green? Here is a quick look at how going green can save you green. Huge saving can be captured by businesses willing to take these steps.

Metal Signage Blog Image

Why Your Business Needs Metal Signage

While all aspects are important selecting the right signage can create a long standing impression for years to come. Thus making this a critical decision if not the most important decision you will make before you open. Here are a few reasons metal signage will give you the impact you need.

5 Social Media Blog Image

5 Things Small Business Owners Must Know About Social Media Marketing

Social media and the impact it can have on your business is growing every day. Understanding the following five points will help you to get the most from marketing on social platforms.

Business Cards Blog Image

How to Use Business Cards Effectively

Using every tool at your disposal is vital to prolonged success. Business cards can be the best tool in the arsenal, when used effectively you can achieve great experiences that are memorable for people who will become your customers and friends.

Pinterest Blog Image

Pinterest is a Retailer’s Dream. Is Your Store On It?

Pinterest can socialize your products and offer the ability for customer to brag about their new items socially. Just getting started? We have some great ways to establish a winning Board.

Smell Blog Image

What’s that smell?

Being aware of everything in your store can be a challenge. When it comes to the scent of your store you can and should make an amazing first impression. Make it memorable in a great way and your customers will remember the experience.

Customer Behavior Blog Image

5 Retailing Tricks from Consumer Behavior Studies

Owning a boutique or a retail shop can present some unique challenges. Today we share five important consumer behavior studies that help you best influence your customers to make a purchase.

Email List Blog Image

Email Lists: The Silent Assassins of Your Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is an effective tool to growing your business. But some tactics can be very costly. We look at the benefits of an organic list vs a bought list.

Small Biz Employee Blog Image

How to Help Your Small-Business Employees Become the Best

Building a great environment for superior employee cultivation is a deliberate process. We road map a path to selecting and encouraging great employees, who will provide phenomenal customer service and loyalty.

Time Management Blog Image

Time Management – How to Beat the Clock

Do you feel like you’re fighting the clock? Improving your chances of winning the time management challenge we all face may be easier than you realize.

Email Marketing Blog Image

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media Marketing

Why small businesses must embrace e-mail marketing to increase customer loyalty and engagement over the greatly popular social media platform. The upside to e-mail is too large to deny here we take a closer look.

Coupons Blog Image

5 Ways to make your coupons stand out

Encourage repeat business with coupons that excite your customers. Here we look at 5 factors to create outstanding coupons that will bring waves of applause and clients.

Training Blog Image

Preparing Retail Employees to Ask for the Sale

Retail sales training is vital to store success for every retail environment. Here is a quick look into some organizational considerations to support a strong sales culture for your retail store.

7obsessions Blog Image

Seven Obsessions of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are driven and passionate. Sometimes the passion bleeds to obsession, some obsessions work well for entrepreneurs to reach great levels of achievement here are 7 obsessions often found in highly successful entrepreneurs.

GreetingCustomers Blog Image

Greetings That Will Engage Your Customers

A first impression is critical for all interactions. It is especially critical for a customer’s first visit to your retail business. Here is a detailed refresher on making a sparkling fist impression.

Starting Guide Blog Image

Guide to starting your own retail business

Retail stores offer a dazzling array of consumer goods to the public for personal or household consumption, but they also serve business and institutional customers. You can tap the growth potential for retail on the local, regional or national scene by starting with a good plan.

Repeat Customers Blog Image

How to turn a customer into a repeat customer

Keeping customers loyal to your business is an ongoing challenge. Here are some insights into different ways to gain and keep customers loyal to your business.

Employee Motivation Blog Image

Motivating Employees is Key to Managerial Success

Employee Management and Leadership can impact your business in powerful ways. Maslow Hierarchy looks at what motivates and how we can apply the knowledge to our management style.

Layaway Blog Image

Should I offer a layaway program for my store?

What are the benefits of a layaway program to retail businesses? A closer look at what a layaway program can offer retail stores and if its right for your business.

What Do I Do if My Retail Store Gets a Bounced Check

Accepting personal checks is important. Establishing processes to deal with the prospect of receiving a bounced check is a vital part of protecting your business. Here we look into the steps of recovering funds.

Early Rising Entrepreneurs Blog Image

What Early Rising Entrepreneurs Do to Start Their Days

Feeling like you can never get enough time? Here are some tips by entrepreneurs who use the early morning to give them an advantage in business and in life.

Store Hours Blog Image

What Hours Should My Retail Store Be Open?

When are your businesses golden hours? Here are a few considerations when deciding the hours your business will be open.

Boost Sales Blog Image

7 Surefire Ways to Boost Sales

Boosting sales is a goal of all business owners. Here are a few tips to start you off on the right foot when planning how to best boost your sales.

Customer Retention Blog Image

8 Customer Retention Tips For Increased Profitability

What impact can focusing on customer service do for your business? Here are 8 great ways to improve customer service.

Standout Blog Image

Get Your Emails Noticed With MailChimp

MailChimp is the email of the future - designed to integrate social networking, powerful imagery, and the most favorable feedback option for senders.

Key Tips Blog Image

Four Tips For Small Business Owners

Any small business can soar if the right steps are taken. The most successful businesses have websites, provide excellent customer service, advertise and use accounts exclusive to their business. Follow these steps and watch the money start rolling in.

Gift Registry Blog Image

How Retailers Offering Gift Registries See More Growth

A Gift Registry program provides a simple and organic way to introduce your business to new customers when your registered customers share their lists with their friends and family.

customers Blog Image

How to Make Customers Fight to Give You Their Business

Customers drive business today like they have for years. How can you capture lightning in a bottle and make customers run for your business? Here is a look at how some businesses have established a remarkable following.

Preventing Theft Blog Image

Tips to Prevent Shoplifting in My Retail Store

Is your retail store a potential target for shoplifters? We took a look at retail industry trends to present 7 tips to prevent costly theft in your retail store.