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Let There Be Light — Light Up the Dark Areas of Your Store

No one enjoys shopping in a dimly lit store. In fact, if the lighting is seriously inadequate, potential customers may begin to doubt the quality of the merchandise, wondering if they are in a sketchy establishment.

The importance of having adequate lighting is not news to you. Lighting equals sales. But did you know that making only a few changes to your lighting plan can dramatically improve your bottom line? Go ahead. Light up the dark corners. You don't even have to spend a lot of money.


Using directed lighting to illuminate product displays drives far more sales than marketing. Creating lighting contrasts within your store doesn't mean leaving neglected corners unlit. It means highlighting specific displays so that customers are drawn through the store as if along a path, looking at merchandise that they didn't know they needed until they saw it highlighted by directional fixtures. In fact, one study revealed that highlighted end cap displays drew twice as many shoppers than regular end cap displays.

The Stockroom

The stockroom can be a cavern compared to a brightly lit store because managers see an opportunity to save money on the energy bill. However, think about the customer's perspective. How long is she waiting for the associate to return with a product? The longer customers wait, the less likely they are to purchase.

Furthermore, consider the associate. It's frustrating to search through a dimly lit room. Sometimes colors are difficult to distinguish without adequate lighting, making associates locate and read tags to differentiate between lagoon and sapphire before they show the product to the customer. Associates know the customer is impatient and that each moment spent searching in the dark lowers their commissions.


When we think about lighting, we usually think about focusing our customers' attention on specific areas of the store. However, lighting can do more than highlight product. A properly lit store is inviting. It feels upscale regardless of the merchandise price point. Customers are confident that they are safe and that the company stands behind the product. This confidence relaxes customers, and according to studies, relaxed customers spend significantly more money than average customers.


Have you ever tried improving your lighting without installing new fixtures? It's easy -- just incorporate regular maintenance into your routine. Regular maintenance removes dust that can impact your fixtures' effectiveness. In addition, maintenance ensures that you always have fresh bulbs. New bulbs perform at peak efficiency, but they dim over time. When your fixtures are regularly maintained, you'll never suffer due to a blown or dim bulb in a crucial area, such as a fitting room.


Why not try enticing customers to spend more while you save money on your energy bill? Today's energy-saving lighting options are a win-win for retailers. Highlighted displays encourage shoppers to stay longer while showing them the products' true colors with lighting that is true to life.

Lighting is a genuinely effective and inexpensive way to boost sales. In fact, lighting may be the most cost-effective method of turning a casual shopper into a loyal customer.