Charge Accounts

Offer & Track Charge Accounts


Enhance your customer service by offering Charge Accounts. An old-fashioned kind of service, allowing your customers the ability to pick up a few items and put them on their tab. Your trusted customers can now charge what they need and make payments as you require. There will be no misunderstanding because your custom tailored charge account policy prints at the bottom of every charge account sales receipt.

Features Include:

  • Adjustable charge limit for each customer
  • Accept payments anytime
  • Track account history including last activity & payment
  • Prepaid accounts
  • Print full page envelope-ready invoices
  • Personalize invoices for your business
  • Custom charge account policy printed on receipts
  • Charge account summary printed after each transaction
  • Review & print charge account reports by desired dates
  • Close & re-open charge accounts as desired
  • Enhanced with the QuickBooks Integration add-on module (sold separately)

*Included with every GiftLogic license


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