Receipt Transfer Utility

Import / Export Sales tool ideal for offsite sales and POS migration scenarios

Receipt Transfer Utility

Bring your brand to the masses with the Receipt Transfer Utility. Retailers that operate multiple stores or sell at offsite venues can export sales for import into another store in GiftLogic. An ideal feature for retailers that conduct sales at trade shows or festivals and report the transactions back to a main location. Migrate sales histories from different stores or even different point of sales systems.

Receipt Transfer Utility Features:

  • Import existing sales into GiftLogic.
  • Export off-site sales and import into your store’s database.
  • Import single or multiple days simultaneously.
  • Adjust Stock Levels, Apply to Rewards, Pay Consignors, and Add to Next Z-Out upon import.
  • Check for duplicate transactions.
  • Identify items by Manufacturing Number, UPC, or Database Item Number.


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