Deliver the Best Point of Sale Shopping Experience to Your Customers.

GiftLogic Point of Sale is built for your retail business, online and in-store, with seamless eCommerce integrations, contactless payments, multichannel inventory management, and so much more. Our POS register is a complete cash register and allows retailers the ability to set their own tailored point of sale experience. Loaded with the most popular features necessary in a computerized cash register system, GiftLogic Point of Sale offers all retailers the access to vital tools enjoyed by big box retailers.

“Much easier for cashiers to use - easier to train new cashiers and hold on to cashier volunteers. MANY fewer mistakes with our cashiers. Very easy to do sales and make them easy for cashiers.”

-Deborah from Dewitt, MI

Register Features:

  • Weather & Event Tracking
  • Quick Price/Member Lookup
  • Optional Messages & Receipt Setup
  • Pick Tickets
  • Drawer Reconciliation with X and Z-Out Reports
  • Reprint Receipts
  • Gift Cards and Store Credit
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • After Tax Status
  • Touchscreen Compatible


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