Create Barcode/Price Labels for Inventory

Label Creator

Put down the price gun and replace those old labels with custom labels using the label creator included with GiftLogic software. Barcodes are essential for speed during checkout while a uniform price tag throughout the store offers organization.

Label Utility Features:

  • Create any size label or select from preloaded
  • Over 225 label sizes preloaded (Dymo, Avery, and Custom)
  • Customize the font, size, and color of each item on label
  • Design and save custom layouts for later use
  • Select what information to have on each label
  • Create barcode from automatically generated database number
  • Add inventory items to label queue individually, by vendor, product line, etc.
  • Queue entire received order with a single click
  • Start on a specific label within a sheet to virtually eliminate waste
  • Use Dymo printer or label sheets on standard desktop printer


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