Gift Receipts

Do you need a Gift Receipt with that?


Gift receipts make the return or exchange of items easy. The primary difference between a sales receipt and a gift receipt is the price information is not shown on a gift receipt. Customers can feel comforted knowing that family and friends can get the most desired gift, guilt-free and without hassle. Perfect for any occasion, event, or holiday, this built in feature ensures your customer’s satisfaction.

Features Include:

  • Price and Discounts not shown on receipt
  • Specify which items to print on a gift receipt
  • Reprint a gift receipt at any time
  • Easily accessible from the main register screen
  • Applicable to every item
  • Choose to print each gift receipt item individually or together on one receipt
  • To and From fields to personalize each receipt
  • Store return policy printed for clear understanding
  • Automatic receipt tracking to prevent possible confusion


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