Do Window Displays Matter?

If you are running a small retail gift shop, does it matter what you put in the window? Can a window display actually persuade busy shoppers to come into your store when they hadn't been planning to do so? The experience of many retail shop owners suggests that a window display can make a big difference to your trade.

Window Displays Bring in Passing Trade

Gift shops often rely heavily on passing trade. The main challenge for your business is convincing shoppers to venture into your shop and take a look at the products you have for sale. If you can increase the footfall in your shop, then you will likely see your sales figures rise, as customers spot things they like inside the shop and make impulse purchases.

Window Displays Explain Your Business to Customers

If customers don't understand what your shop sells, they are unlikely to venture inside. Effective window displays clearly communicate the purpose of your business to customers who are walking by outside. Even if customers choose not to come inside your store when they see your window display, they will at least know what type of shop it is. As a result, the next time they need to buy a gift, they may think of your shop and pay it a visit. The best way to ensure you stick in customers' minds in this way is to make your window display as memorable as possible.

Window Displays Highlight Your Best Lines

Think of your window display as your opportunity to show off your best products. The shop window should be filled with the most exciting products you have to offer, as these are most likely to bring customers into the shop to explore your range. However, it's not enough to simply put your top-of-the-range products into the shop window and leave them there; customers want to know what's new and fresh. Change your window display whenever you refresh your product lines to show off what's new inside your store and let customers know that your range has been updated.

Window Displays Get Your Business Talked About

An inventive window display can get the whole town talking about your retail gift shop. If you can get people talking about your business, then they are doing part of the job of marketing your brand on your behalf. Word of mouth advertising can be extremely effective and spread very far, so it's worth making the effort to create a truly amazing window display that really gets tongues wagging.

Conclusion: Don't Neglect Your Window Display!

As a busy shopkeeper, you might be tempted to neglect your window display or leave the same display in place for many weeks or even months, but this could lead to you missing out on passing trade. Regularly revisiting your window display ensures that it is working hard to show off the best that your business has to offer.