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Why Your Business Needs Metal Signage

The International Sign Association (ISA) estimates that roughly 50 percent of customers entering a store do so because of the compelling signage. ISA also points out that, in some cases, getting a loan to fund a business is not possible without putting up any signage first.

Think of those oversized gold letterings in the lobbies and entrances of luxury hotels, prestigious law firms, and banks. Those are just one of the many fantastic examples showcasing the attractive power of metal signs.

So why would your place of business need signage consisting of metal letters? Here are four good reasons.

One, a carefully chosen, well-placed metal sign on your store or office entryway and interior conveys a sense of pride. Your potential customers and clients will feel that, and they will be drawn to it. Why? You have named your company so elegantly by spelling out your brand in durable metal letterings—it seems as if you are taking responsibility in addressing your customer’s specific needs. Your exquisitely good taste is reflected in your choice of metal signage. It tells people that you know what you are doing and that you understand the ins and outs of your industry.

Do you have a specialty shop for antiques and collectibles? Articulate your business pride out loud with a matching metal sign that echoes your trustworthiness and competence. A beautiful vintage sign can do that.

Two, high-quality metal signage is a worthwhile investment because it pays back whatever you have spent on it many times over. It attracts people to your office, shop, or store every day of the year. You can also have an indoor version of your metal sign. While people browse through products or transact in your place of business, they will be reminded of your brand.

Three, metal signs are hassle-free and inexpensive forms of advertising. They are lightweight and easy to install. They are also durable and will last for many years. The letters already come with holes, so you won’t have any difficulty in setting them up. And when it comes to maintenance, metal signage is pretty much low maintenance—just wash it once in a while with mild soap and water.

And four, your business definitely needs a metal sign to encourage impulsive buys. You might want to capture the interest of people who just happen to walk by your store without any intention of entering. There is no more effective in delivering a good first impression than a glinting, strategically positioned, and well-crafted metal sign. Do you know that Best Buy found out that around 17 percent of its customers were drawn inside the store after seeing their sign?

Make your place of business a standout—at your potential customer’s first glance. The outdoor metal sign announcing your company’s name will tell potential shoppers that this is the best place to go and that they should not be looking elsewhere. A bold and well-designed metal signage can accomplish that. Just remember to complement the signage’s color, font style, and overall look with your company’s voice.