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How to Use Business Cards Effectively

Business cards are an important tool for promoting your business, but most people don't have a clue how to use them properly. Your card is the first promotional item that you hand to prospects, so you must make sure you do it right. Here are the four fundamental requirements of business card use.

Proper design

First and foremost, you must ensure that your business cards are designed properly. Talk to a professional, whether locally or an online freelancer, and make sure the design includes not only your business name and contact details, but also a slogan that reminds people of what your business does.

Make it stand out

With the number of people giving out business cards every day, you may find that yours get buried in card holders. This is why it is important to ensure that your cards stand out from the masses. Do not use the business card printing machine in your local mall.

A great business card must have your logo on it, to increase brand awareness, but you could try a special texture or a creative design to really make your card different. Check around and see what professional business card designers are offering like Vistaprint and Moo. It will be more expensive, but you will recoup your investment in no time if your business cards are well made.

Don't give everyone your card

Some people give out business cards like they're handing out promotional flyers. Do not do this. Your business card is a direct line to you, and your potential clients should understand that you are giving them something special. Make sure they know what you do, and how you can help them, before you give them a card. This makes you more memorable, invests the card with more importance, and also saves you forking out loads of money for thousands of cards!

Make it memorable

As mentioned above, giving someone your business card should be a memorable moment. That doesn't mean you should try to make them feel they've been given a knighthood, nor that you should be reticent to give them a card (especially if asked), but it does mean they should understand that you do not hand out your cards willy-nilly.

You can achieve a memorable moment in many ways. For example, you can take a moment to write your direct line or personal mobile number on the card. Or you can jot a note on the back with a useful bit of information that arose from your conversation. You could even offer them a "special deal" if they contact you by a certain date and mention where they met you. Whatever you do to make the moment stick in their mind, it's an advantage down the line, and helps make sure they keep your card.