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Seven Obsessions of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs can come across as compulsive, even obsessive. Unless these traits control the individual, they are usually harmless. Moreover, they can be extremely beneficial to helping the business succeed. As an entrepreneur there are seven obsessions you will want to embrace, each able to help your business succeed.

  1. You do what you love to do. Have you ever met a successful entrepreneur that didn't love what they do? No, because without a passion for doing what they love, that business simply will not succeed. "Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life," is a saying that is absolutely true. You'll work, but it will seem more like a hobby to you.
  1. You are intensely focused. Life is full of distractions. Fortunately, you are seldom distracted and stay focused intensely on what you do. Look around at people that have difficulty getting things done and you'll see that their lives are frequently distracted. Your effectiveness as an entrepreneur relies so much on outcome -- distractions are quickly handled and you're back doing what you do best.
  1. You learn under pressure. The best business plan can never account for the many variables entrepreneurs experience each day. Where others wilt under pressure, you've manage to stay strong. You also recognize that what you're going through is a learning experience, something you're eager to absorb and apply to what you do.
  1. You are content with what you have. You could easily upgrade your office, expand your facility or open a second location. Those things may follow, but you're focused on one thing and one thing only: your bottom line. You're willing to do without for the short term for long term success. The money you make is poured back into your business, funds that will ensure your entrepreneurial success.
  1. You don't know it all. Few people are masters at everything. Most of us are very good at doing a few things quite well. You recognize what you do well, but are not hesitant in hiring individuals to perform tasks that would take away from what you do best.
  1. You are always selling. You have an elevator pitch and know how to present your project in the least amount of words for effective results. That means you are constantly selling and always looking for ways to offer what you have to a new customer. You also under promise and over deliver, to provide exceptional results every time.
  1. You are not particularly impressed with yourself. Successful entrepreneurs know that they are good at what they do, but they're constantly looking for ways for improvement. They don't buy into the hype that no one else can do what they do. You know that your success is only as good as your last accomplishment. Danger awaits -- your competitors want to take you down.

Healthful Obsessions

Not all obsessions are good, of course. When you take yourself too seriously, then you've crossed the line. Even entrepreneurs know when to take a break, understanding that "down time" can be just the refueling needed to approach their work refreshed.