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Email Lists: The Silent Assassins of Your Marketing Strategy

You need an audience to market your product or service to. In times of desperation, you may find yourself on the phone with an email list-generation company that promises you “completely opt-in” lists. Unfortunately, there are many things that these companies are not telling you. While you will have instant access to names and addresses of any number of consumers, these lists can actually do much more harm than good. You can build a legitimate client email list; however, knowing why you should avoid pre-made lists can prevent you from causing irreparable damage to your marketing strategy.

When it comes down to an email list, you should only use one that you have generated yourself. While this may take time, it’s the safest and best way to approach any email marketing strategy, since you’ll know that the people you are emailing are actually interested in what you have to offer. The following are several reasons you should avoid buying, renting or even considering using a purchased email list.

Number 1: Despite What You Are Told, There Is No Good Email List for Sale… Anywhere

If a list is for sale, this means that it has been used over and over again; the once valuable sources have been spammed to the point that the owners of the account likely do not even use it anymore. If a person has a list with valuable email addresses, chances are they would keep it to themselves. Letting other businesses use these lists only eliminates the value of the addresses that are present. If you consider this from a business perspective, chances are you would never sell a list of emails of your actual customers who want to receive information. So why would someone sell you a list of this nature?

Number 2: The Owners of the Email Addresses on Your Purchased List Likely Have No Idea Who You Are

Just because an email list buy or rent company states that their lists only have opt-in sources, this does not mean that they have opted in to receive emails from your company. In most cases, the clause that these people have opted into states “Opt in now and receive emails from us, as well as other businesses we think you will find valuable.” Most recipients of an email from a list service will have never heard of you, and will immediately mark your email as spam. When this happens, it is a total loss for the investment you have made.

Number 3: You May Find Your IP Reputation and Email Deliverability in Jeopardy

There are organizations strictly dedicated to ridding the Internet of SPAM. Spam traps, honeypots, spammy activity — all of these actions will link harvested emails back to the source, and then report you as a spammer. This can impact your entire marketing campaign in a big way.

Number 4: You Get It

Spam emails are unwanted by everyone. In fact, if someone did not specifically ask you for information, chances are they are not interested in what you are offering. You need to focus on building contacts and your own email lists by offering informative content and appealing offers. Build a strong relationship with your clients and then ask them to opt in to your own, personal email list.

Purchasing an email list can destroy an otherwise well laid out marketing strategy. Play it safe and do not ever purchase, rent or consider purchasing an email list. This tidbit of advice may end up saving your marketing campaign from complete and total failure in the future.