5 Tips for Successful Customer Service

Customer service is a key role in every successful business. Although it seems so basic, there is actually a lot that is needed to be done to attract potential customers and keep them coming back for more. Whether you are new to customer service or just looking to tweak your skills, here are five tips for better serving the public:

1. Always smile

Although it sounds so simple, there are many times when you will go to a store and be met with a neutral or frowning sales associate. This usually results in making you feel awkward or upset. When you smile at your customers, it relieves tension in the general atmosphere and may even brighten the customer's day. The power of a smile can do wonders for your professional reputation.

2. Greet and ask, “May/Can I help you?”

A pleasant, clear and simple greeting can do wonders when establishing a connection with your customer. If a customer is within several feet of you and is looking a little lost, just politely inquire if they would like your assistance. A lot of times, people may be too shy to ask for help so if you take control, it can make the experience a little less stressful.

3. Become familiar with your job and position

When a customer is approaching you for service, you are automatically seen as a sort of authority figure in the immediate vicinity. Really get to know your surroundings, products and services so that when a customer asks you questions, you can respond with ease. When you falter, or say “I don’t know”, people will lose confidence in you and you may find it hard to remain credible.

4. Make eye contact

When people become shy or nervous, they tend to look away from others. However, if you are serving a customer, maintaining eye contact is crucial. The ability to keep eye contact with your customer shows that you are confident and focused solely on their needs. This eases the customer's mind and allows them to trust you more easily.

5. Keep a confident posture

No one likes dealing with people that look as though they do not know what they are doing. Keeping your head high, back straight, pace brisk and eyes focused will let customers know that you mean business and that you are the one to go to. Always be careful not to overdo it and become cocky instead, which will only turn customers away.

Although it takes time to really master the art of customer service, with commitment on your part, you will soon have the skills and knowledge to help keep you and your customers happy.