Explore the Many Uses of Name Tags

Knowing the name of the person to whom you are speaking provides a level of warmth and familiarity that is very important in the world of business. Name tags help to provide this comfort level, and many smart companies have been using this informal type of identification with great success. The uses of name tags are many, and there are many different ways these simple pieces of plastic can fit into your business model. Just consider some of the many uses of name tags and similar identification.


No seminar would be complete without those little plastic name tags. From vendors and booth personnel to visitors, name takes provide seminar attendees with a great way to network with one another. Being on a first name basis from the first meeting is a great way to get things accomplished and make the connections that are so essential to success in business.

Trade Shows

Trade show salespeople use name tags and similar identification to identify themselves, their businesses and their prospective clients. Trade shows are a great place for salespeople from all industries to meet one another and compare notes. Name tags make it easier to conduct this important business.

Training Sessions

Classes and training sessions are another important venue for name tags. Identification tags provide a quick and easy way for the instructor to get to know everyone, as well as providing a great way for students to mingle and network with one another.

Networking Events

Speaking of networking, name tags are a great addition to any networking event or business meeting. Networking is an essential part of conducting business today, and name tags help to break the ice and provide a comfort level among all the attendees.

Retail Operations

Few things convey the sense of professionalism and pride the way a uniform does, and a name tag is a welcome addition to any uniform within the retail setting. Name tags provide a ready point of reference for customers and a great way to improve customer service.