What To Do About High Traffic Pages That Don't Convert

There are many reasons why some pages don't convert. The most popular reason is that they aren't optimized for conversions. For instance, pretend you have a business with a website. Your retail store website has some pages on it with helpful tips for the audience and maybe even a checklist of some sort. These pages get a ton of traffic and the tools are utilized often because they are valuable and relevant to the audience. The problem is that these are high traffic pages that aren't sales pages, so they aren't optimized for conversions. The question is how do you capture some of this traffic and guide it through your sales funnel? There are a few ways you can approach this situation depending on your industry. Your audience will often dictate what your options are as well. Here are a few tips to help you guide some of this traffic through your sales funnel.

Are You Capturing Emails?

Email marketing is still a very powerful resource that yields one of the highest known returns on investment. If your pages are offering a free resource that people seem to be using, are you capturing an email? If your page is getting a ton of traffic, then the information must be valuable to your audience. Try gating the information to capture an email before they can have access to the information. It is still free but at least you will gain some sort of contact information to follow up with these visitors and try to turn them into paying customers.

Have You Considered Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can yield nice secondary revenue. If you have pages that are getting traffic, then an affiliate marketing opportunity may be upon you. It doesn't require a lot of effort. You just need to ensure that you don't violate their terms of service. You seem to already have a targeted market, so it shouldn't be difficult. It is a simple option to try to siphon some of the traffic you already have into a revenue opportunity.

Analyze Your Metrics

Google Analytics offers a lot of information. Dig through the information on there and see what you can find out about user behavior on your site. You may be surprised at what you find. There may be opportunities there that you haven't yet considered but they will only become apparent when you take the time to analyze your metrics. See how long users are staying on specific pages or what times of the day they are visiting. Take an objective look at the metrics and see what becomes obvious.

Manipulate Your Content

In one sense you don't want to change it too much because you've already got the traffic you want. However, would adding something to your content possibly steer your audience in a more convertible direction? Could you add an article or a video that may prompt your audience to take action toward conversion? You could even do some spilt testing here. Try adding content for a while and then remove it to see what happens. Split test an article verses video content to see if one of them performs better.

Use Polls And Surveys

If you just aren't sure what to do and don't know as much as you'd like about the audience visiting these pages that aren't converting, you do have options. Other than looking in your Google Analytics, you could conduct some polls and surveys to try to gather the information you want about your audience. Just keep them short or people won't complete them.

If you have high traffic pages, then you definitely have something people are looking for. Now, you have to capitalize on what they are looking for. Make sure you are getting something such as an email when they visit or sending them to an affiliate link if you don't have what they need. Do something to provide value to them and make something off of them. Instead of letting that traffic waste away, make it profitable by using some/all of these tips.