5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Website

Websites are becoming mobile-friendly to accommodate smartphones. According to Statista, mobile phones were responsible for over half (52.2%) of website traffic. People are glued to their smartphones now more than ever. If you want to keep visitors on your website, then you need to make sure you optimize it for mobile users, and then make sure the high traffic pages convert.

Here is how your company website can accommodate smartphones as well:

1. Make it quick to navigate Customers should be able to navigate anywhere within two clicks.

2. Build your website to accommodate phone features and maximize the effectiveness of your customer's mobile device. A phone with a GPS can estimate shipping rates and locate classified ads from the local neighborhood. The click-to-call button enables quick and convenient sales.

3. Think locally because 70% of customers want to deal with businesses located within five miles of the customer's home. Store locators, product locators, offers, and emailing specials are all great ways to capitalize on this.

4. Do not add too much content because many customers soon become overwhelmed by an excess of information. It can be painful to scroll through too much information when on a small screen.

5. Encourage sharing so that your videos, pictures, and blog articles will get distributed from customer to customer. Clicking a Share button makes it easy for visitors to share web pages through social media and text.

You must make sure that your website is friendly for mobile users. People now use smartphone and tablets more than ever. A bad mobile site can cost you half, if not more, of your visitors. Test it out on your own mobile devices and put yourself in the customer's shoes.