Social Media: 3 Strategies to Build a Successful Facebook Page

Most businesses now realize the importance of having a strong social media presence. Facebook is one of the more prominent and mainstream social media platforms. Therefore, it is suitable for most businesses. This article will look at strategies that can be used to build a successful Facebook page.

1. Be consistent but don't post too much

Facebook tends to be a social media site that works best on the basis of 1-2 posts per day. Although, it's worth remembering different brands may see a variation of results based on posting more or less around these guidelines. The general rule though is to post less often on this site than you would on other platforms such as Twitter or Pinterest.

One thing that is true across all social media sites is the need to be consistent. Therefore, you should plan a regular schedule for your updates. It's also crucial to have a consistent message and plan, so your fans know what to expect from you. After a period of trial and error, you will learn which times of the day are best to increase engagement for your posts.

2. Know which types of content work best on Facebook

There certainly are various universal rules regarding finding success on social media. However, there are also particular types of content that work better on specific platforms. Therefore, it's important to know which types of content to use on Facebook for the best chance of success.

As a general rule, Facebook is a visual platform although not as much so as Instagram or Pinterest. You are not likely to find a lot of success by posting links to articles or text-based updates. Fun visuals and video content uploaded directly to the site works best. It's also worth keeping things personal, and you can use features such as Facebook Live with good effect.

3. Make your page as appealing as possible

Of course, you should be focused on producing high-quality content, but the general appeal of your page also plays an integral part in attracting new fans. Therefore, you want you to fill out necessary information on your company and provide ways to allow fans to contact you whether directly through the page or via an email address or phone number.

One of the powerful features the platform provides is the option to have a call to action button. The critical thing about this is you can personalize it depending on what you want fans to do on your page. Therefore, some businesses will want to link to an e-commerce type option while others are merely interested in customers being able to contact them.

As mentioned, Facebook is a visual platform, so you want to ensure you make the most of the images on your page. Some of the more innovative brands manage to associate their cover image with their call to action button for example. Also remember, images don't need to be unchanged for a long time - and can be altered for new promotions, for example.

This article has been a brief look at Facebook marketing. In particular, the content has looked at some of the things you should keep in mind to build a successful business page on the platform. So, remember to be consistent but don't post too much, know which types of content work best and make your page as appealing as possible.