Preparing to Switch from Paper to Digital - It's Not a Big Deal!

There is something about paper that everyone likes. It looks nice and it feels nice to hold a piece of paper in your hands. Paper has been a part of your life since you were born and your name placed on a birth certificate. In later years, you received your high school diploma and then your college degree. You may even have those pieces of paper hanging on your wall. When you were married, your certificate was printed on a wonderful piece of paper. Yes, paper plays an important role in our lives. When it comes to your business, however, hanging on the tradition of completing all business transactions on paper will slow you down, cost you money, waste time, and possibly require you to hire more employees than if you went digital.

Why Digital?

Speed and accuracy are two important reasons to "make the switch" to the digital age. Every process that requires the use of paper, such as payroll, bookkeeping, inventory control, purchasing, and customer processes can be streamlined and accomplished many times faster using computers. Another vitally important reason to switch is the ability to have access to all the customers and companies you are doing business with. The whole world is going digital and those who resist will eventually fall behind. Many businesses today are totally digital and unable to conduct business with companies relying on paper forms for every process.

Helping the Environment

There is no easier way for your company to join in the "green" revolution than by reducing paper waste. Eventually all paper is discarded, even when it is shredded for security purposes. It either winds up in a landfill or it is burned and tossing fumes into the air. Your community is always eager to support businesses that reduce waste instead of generating it.

The Paperless Society

Bank statements, bills, payments, payroll, and even Social Security are all switching to paperless statements and electronic payments. It's easy to make extra copies of documents in just seconds and send them electronically. A process that used to involve the typing of a document, photocopying the original for additional copies, and taking to the post office to be mailed is accomplished in seconds. The recipient of the documents would have waited a few days to receive them through postal delivery, while email is able to deliver the same documents in minutes at no cost. Money is saved on postage, paper, and printing. It's not necessary to completely get rid of every piece of paper.

There are important documents you will always want in hard copy form, such as birth, marriage, and death records, family health records, insurance policies, tax documents, and educational awards and diplomas. Some things require we have hard copies, including driver's license, passport, photo IDs, and military IDs. When not in use, all original hard copies should be kept in one-place. A locked briefcase is a good storage container and is easy to grab and take in the event there is a fire or other emergency requiring you to leave your home.

Don't fear the digital age and postpone switching. Embrace technology for all of its benefits and enjoy the results it provides your business financially.