GiftLogic Add-on Software

Mix and match the feature modules that are just right for your business.


This premium addition to the software allows retailers to exchange information between GiftLogic and their QuickBooks Desktop Pro accounts. Data such as customer information, vendor information, sales information, tax data, and cost of goods sold, shipping charges, journal entries, and all cash, check, charge, store credit and credit card payments can easily be exchanged between GiftLogic and QuickBooks® Desktop Pro.



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Gift Registry

Gift Registry assists retail stores in maintaining customer loyalty, generating revenue, minimizing returns, and much more. GiftLogic’s Gift Registry software is priced for the independent retailer in mind, but still offers competitive features of the larger chain stores.



Give your store the ability to handle consignments with unlimited consignors, unlimited items, customizable contracts, and more through GiftLogic. The Consignment add-on also allows you to track item sales and payout amounts all from within GiftLogic. Send emails to entire customer base, individual customers, or groups of customers Consignment Reports include Inventory Aging Consignor Payments, and Consignment Income. Track Consignor Payments and mark items as paid Export Reports to Excel.


Time Clock Management

Time Clock is a simple, affordable, and convenient software solution for your employees to clock in or out, with no additional hardware required! Generate payroll reports in moments! Or simply export to QuickBooks® Pro accounting software for even faster processing.


Fingerprint Integration

Let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen. Used for biometric authentication, it will reduce the hassles of password overload, decrease the risks of security breaches, improve accountability, and add true non-repudiation, all while making it more convenient and intuitive for almost any user.



Improve customer loyalty and grow your email list by extending coupons and promotions. Carry the in-store experience to the customer’s inbox with emailed receipts. Offer customers better accessibility and a digital archive. Designed for today’s mobile user and digital customer base, E-Receipts are a great way of providing a eco-friendly element to your retail business.