Clearance Pricing Utility

Progressively Balance Inventory Levels


Discounts and specials are intended to attract new clientele and create in-store shopping excitement. With GiftLogic’s Clearance Discount Pricing Utility you can associate a color with a designated discount percentage. If items do not sell, you can increase the discount while keeping the color association of the item the same. Thereby eliminating having to individually mark the items a second time. There is nothing to install, this built-in feature can progressively balance inventory for your business.

Features Include:

  • Select up to 10 discount percentage levels
  • Rotate discount automatically by: # of days, weekday, or day of month
  • Assign a color (40 available) to each discount percentage level
  • Manually rotate discount percentages at your convenience
  • Assign a final discount percentage after items have completed rotation
  • Print discount color charts for reference or store signage
  • Easily assign items for discount pricing within utility or from the individual item maintenance screen
  • Multiple filters provided to quickly identify mark down material (last sale date, days in stock, vendor, product line, and more)
  • Reassign items to a new discount color
  • Easily clear previously assigned discounts
  • Print report of items on discount pricing

*Included with every GiftLogic license


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