Fingerprint Integration

Software that gives you more control of your security

Improve Security with Fingerprint Technology

Let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen. Used for biometric authentication, it will reduce the hassles of password overload, decrease the risks of security breaches, improve accountability, and add true non-repudiation, all while making it more convenient and intuitive for almost any user.

Fingerprint Features:

  • Register Logins
  • Office Logins
  • Management Override
  • Time Clock (sold separately)
  • Gift Registry (sold separately)

Fingerprint Scanner - SecuGen Hamster IV:

  • FBI Certified “PIV Single Finger Capture Device”
  • Compatible with SecuGen and third party MINEX Certified algorithms
  • High-quality, rugged, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor with ultra-high 1000+ DPI native resolution
  • Encryption of fingerprint templates (cannot be used to reconstruct fingerprint images)
  • Auto-On automatically turns on sensor when it detects a finger
  • Compact and ergonomically designed to work with any finger or thumb
  • Integrated finger guide
  • Removable, weighted stand
  • USB connection
  • And More!..


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