Import Inventory Quick and Easy

Software that gives you more control of your inventory

Import Inventory Quick and Easy

Getting started with a new point of sale software doesn’t have to be time consuming. Significantly reduce data entry time by importing your customers, vendors, and inventory into GiftLogic. Lay your fears of switching POS software to rest and let GiftLogic’s built in import feature make the switch painless.

  • Accurately & efficiently migrate inventory items from another POS system
  • Eliminate the risk of typing errors and ensure identical information to previous inventory database
  • Import tab-separated values (TSV) file or comma-separated values (CSV) file from a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel®
  • Import an unlimited quantity of items at a time or just a single item if desired
  • Only five requirements for item import: Item description, vendor, manufacturing number, cost, and retail
  • Easily review and adjust item information in the preview screen
  • Over 25 item detail fields available and import a picture with each item
  • Automatically detects and prevents duplicates and generates an error log for review
  • Perform a trial import in Training Mode to assure a smooth data import


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