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GiftLogic Automates Store Optimization with PurchasePal

Reordering inventory is now a snap with GiftLogic's Purchasing Tool.

Englewood, FL (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

GiftLogic, a comprehensive point-of-sale system for retailers and gift shops, now includes a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of reordering inventory. According to a GiftLogic spokesperson, "Our PurchasePal tool can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours per year for any retail location."

How does PurchasePal work? The spokesperson explained that GiftLogic's built-in tools work in the background, collecting and calculating sales information. From there, it suggests reorders based on each item's sales history. "With PurchasePal, popular items rise to the top. You'll be prompted to reorder items with a proven sales history," she said. "This can now help retailers to stock shelves with items most likely to sell and avoid overstocking with items that are likely to collect dust."

In addition, PurchasePal can be set to reflect each retailer’s reordering personality with just a few clicks. “Since PurchasePal can suggest when and what to reorder based on both proven sales trends and the retailer’s preferences, it can save countless hours generating and analyzing inventory and sales reports,” the spokesperson said. “It now takes the guesswork out of reordering.”

PurchasePal makes purchasing with a purchase order a simple matter. Not only can users quickly generate purchase orders after reviewing the suggestions from PurchasePal, they can send the purchase order via email directly from the software. When items arrive, they can receive them directly in the software or perform manual receiving using a printed receiving report. Reconciliation and backorder assessment tools are also available.

About GiftLogic GiftLogic point of sale software is a comprehensive system designed for retailers. It includes numerous features including cash register software, inventory management, reports, and purchasing and receiving tools such as, PurchasePal. The developers continually update GiftLogic POS software to enhance it and keep up with industry changes.


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