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QuickBooks Integration Made Easy with GiftLogic

Optional QuickBooks Integration Now Available As an Add-on to GiftLogic Retail Point of Sale Software.

Englewood, FL (PRWEB) September 29, 2013

GiftLogic, a point of sale software for retailers, now offers an add-on product that makes QuickBooks integration a snap. This optional add-on software allows retailers to exchange information between GiftLogic and QuickBooks Pro eliminating costly double entry, improving accuracy, and keeping a better watch on your bottom line.

The QuickBooks integration add-on is an optional item offered to new and existing GiftLogic users. “We wanted to simplify accounting for QuickBooks Pro users,” a GiftLogic spokesperson said. “The data is already contained inside GiftLogic, so why recreate it from scratch when you can click a few buttons?”

GiftLogic data such as customer information, vendor information, sales information, tax data, specialty payments, cost of goods sold, shipping charges, journal entries, and cash, check, and credit card payments can easily be exchanged between GiftLogic and QuickBooks Pro.

“GiftLogic customers can purchase a QuickBooks Pro Integration license at any time,” the spokesperson said. A purchase of QuickBooks Accounting Software Integration cover a single location, regardless of the number of licenses of GiftLogic being used. The optional add-on software requires a license of GiftLogic software, which is sold separately.

About GiftLogic GiftLogic is an intuitive, easy to use point of sale software system designed for retailers. With a 30+ year history in the software development business, the GiftLogic team understands the importance of creating and fine-tuning superior software solutions as well as in supporting it with exceptional customer service and technical support.


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