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What Early Rising Entrepreneurs Do to Start Their Days

Entrepreneurs that desire to excel possess a universal attribute: they rise early in the morning, usually well before the sun rises. For it is during these dawning hours when much work can be accomplished, including tacking a variety of tasks that can be handled without interruption. If you want to succeed, then adopting the following traits of these early risers can give you an important business edge.

Plan your day. Rising up early allows you to plan your day. Or at least part of the day. Some entrepreneurs plan the first part of their day before breakfast and the second part of their day before lunch. For others, laying out the entire day ahead of time can ensure that they'll make the most of their time and accomplish more.

Do your exercise. A fit body goes with a sound mind, two essentials for every entrepreneur. You are accustomed to rising early and working late, but you can't take a punishing schedule without having a body that can withstand these shocks. Your exercise regimen is essential to your health, so head to the gym or start jogging before the sun cracks the horizon.

Attack a major project. With no one around, you're ready to attack a major project. Successful entrepreneurs prize the early hours of the day, the best time to focus on something highly important and without distraction. Use this time to pour your energies into a project that needs your full attention. You'll get more work done when no one is around to interrupt you.

Perform advanced planning. You not only have the day's responsibilities to plan out, but you can take advantage of the quiet time to do long range planning. Use the early hours to review your company's progress and to examine the goals that you have made. If you're looking at making long range plans, the seeds of that planning can be planted, nurtured and watered early in the day.

Check and reply to your email. If you are in the habit of checking and replying to your email throughout the day, then just stop it. Like right now. Entrepreneurs value their time and know that email, although valuable, can present a tremendous time suck. Email should be checked twice a day -- early in the morning and before you end your work day. The morning hours give you time to read, consider and reply to email. The late day email checks are for responding to urgent requests. Otherwise, your email replies can wait until the morning when you're refreshed and have time to reply.

Check out social media. You understand the importance of social media, but you also know that like email your time can be frittered away. Early morning is a good time to read what people are saying and take note of comments about your business. Certain tweets, posts and updates can be forwarded to someone else to handle or bookmarked and responded to by you.

Read the news. What is going on in the world? Social media and email will tell you only so much -- you need to know what is happening by following the news. Early morning is a good time to check out your favorite news spots. Or, if you still receive the newspaper to peruse the same.

Early Risers

Some entrepreneurs find time to pray, meditate, read a book, spend time with a spouse or children, walk a dog, or pursue a hobby when rising early. Whatever your routine it can help you manage your time wisely and accomplish the many tasks you have set before you for the day.