Fall In Love With Valentine’s Day Revenue

Are you ready to fall in love with the revenue you will bring in by marketing your business for the Valentine's day holiday? Let's talk about a few tips that can help draw in the crowds of sweethearts looking for the perfect gift for their significant other.

  1. ADVERTISE: The only way to let your customers know what sale events you have going on is to advertise them. Let's start with some email marketing tips. Emails containing your sales should start being sent out in January. Make sure the subject is something catchy that will help solve their gift buying dilemmas. Some examples of good headlines for these emails would be "5 No Brainer Gifts" or "Valentine's Dilemma?". Your email should contain a link to your online store. Don’t forget to promote gift cards! Messages like "for the women who knows what she wants" Make sure to mention delivery cutoff dates in your emails. Some other ways to market your upcoming sales would be to advertise directly on the receipts. Putting messages like "25% off sale Feb. 8th-14th" Social Media is another great way to get your sales out there; consider some key ideas when advertising. Will you be offering any special promotions, gifts, or holding any contests? Make sure all this is marketed in your advertisements.

  2. NOTHING IS SWEETER THAN A SALE: Offer VIP Valentine's discount events. Use GiftLogic's customer tracking to assist in sending out fliers or emails to customers who recently shopped with you. Maybe you want to offer them the opportunity to get 10 to 15 percent off if they shop the day of the event. Customers like to feel like they are being given exclusive offers and promotions and will be more likely to participate in the event.

  3. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE... BUT A LITTLE CHOCOLATE NEVER HURT ANYONE: It is no secret that Valentine's Day holds some of the highest chocolate sales. Each year more than 35 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold particularly for this day. How can you incorporate that fact into your sales? Consider offering customers who spend a certain amount, a complimentary heart shaped box of chocolates for their sweetie.

  4. STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES: Just like chocolate, flower sales increase at Valentine's day as well. In particular, roses are the most popular and will usually double in price during the days leading up to Valentine's Day. Once again consider offering customers who spend a certain amount, roses with their purchase. This would be a great promotion for all the procrastinators out there. Entice customers to stop in and shop with you the day before or on Valentine's Day; they can grab a gift and flowers all in one trip. If you are feeling confident consider starting sales throughout the entire Black Friday to encourage customers to visit throughout the day. Here again, make sure your cashiers are ready and prepared if something does not ring up correctly. The last thing you want to do is slow down transaction times on a busy day. Check that your receipt paper, labels, bags and other register items are stocked.

  5. EVERYONE LOVES A GIVEAWAY: Consider offering raffle tickets to customers who spend a specific amount of money or more at your business. Include some of your most popular items in a gift basket. A limo ride to dinner on Valentine's night would be a perfect grand prize and would be incentive enough to get people to spend the extra bucks for the raffle ticket.

  6. FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Men typically shop more and spend more money on Valentine's Day than women do. By offering a small gift, something like a swiss army knife, might tempt the male shopper to purchase his gifts at your shop. He will be able to get his sweetheart something special and a little something for himself as well. Who doesn’t love a free gift with purchase? Anyone shopping for their significant other or even a fur baby will be more likely to shop with you if they get more for their money.

By implementing some of these tips into your business marketing you are sure to have more customers coming in and you will be falling in love with the revenue from your Valentine's Day sales.