Displaying Sunglasses for Maximum Profit

Any small business owner knows that selling some items is all about displaying them. Merchandising is a critical skill, especially when it comes to selling sunglasses.

You can buy top-quality sunglasses wholesale to save money and get the right quantity to keep them in stock without overstocking, but if they aren’t properly displayed, they won’t sell.

Choosing a Display

Top-quality sunglasses priced above $25 per pair, including most designer sunglasses, are best kept in a locking display case to help prevent theft.

If they are inexpensive sunglasses, you can choose a freestanding display. These come in all sizes and materials, giving you many choices, depending on your budget and available space.

If you have the space and money, a larger rotating rack is probably the best choice. Large displays will hold a hundred pairs or more, giving the customers lots of choices to pick from.

Many stores don’t have the space for a freestanding floor display, however. If your store is already too crowded, look for a counter or tabletop rack to keep the sunglasses in. An added advantage of this type of rack is that you can keep a closer eye on the sunglasses.

Metal or Plastic

Once you’ve decided which type of display you want to purchase, you can choose which type of rack you want to buy. They are manufactured in metal and plastic, as well as other materials, but these two are the most common types.

Metal racks are generally more attractive and don’t attract as much dust as plastic displays. They’re sturdier and less likely to fall over when accidentally shoved, and age well if you’re making a long-term investment.

Plastic displays, on the other hand, are much less expensive. Some manufacturers actually produce plastic racks that look like metal racks, but they’re lighter, saving you shipping costs.

Buying and Stocking the Display

Once you’ve picked out the type of display and material you want to buy, you’ll have to find someone to buy it from. Finding a manufacturer directly is probably the best choice. You’ll pay less and have a better selection this way.

A wholesaler will almost certainly be the best source for sunglasses to keep your rack stocked. You can buy wholesale sunglasses for less per pair directly from a wholesaler than from any other source. You’ll also get enough sunglasses to keep you in stock for a while, so store the box of extras beneath the counter or table. The point of sale software your retail store should have that will help you with inventory control is GiftLogic. Their PurchasePal feature will keep an eye on your stock for you and let you know when it’s time to reorder, taking the guess work out.

Display Maintenance

It’s important to keep the rack clean and in stock. Sunglasses seem to attract dust, but dusty sunglasses don’t look fresh and appealing to customers. Dust the sunglasses on a regular basis and make sure the rack is clean, too.

When you run out of a particular style, restock the display. Many customers will not ask if you have any other styles, so you must be proactive in making sure the display is always kept full.

A perfect sunglasses display, kept stocked and clean, will pay for itself many times over.