Quick (And Cheap) Ways to Spruce Up Your Store

If your store isn't looking its best, it will reflect on the amount of business you have and how much money you bring in. It should be of no surprise that customers want to go into a store that's aesthetically pleasing and where it's easy to shop and get a good look at the merchandise. If you're ready to change up your business for the better, the following are some quick and cheap ways to spruce up your store.

Change your lighting

Although lighting seems relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it's what's going to help showcase your merchandise in the best possible way. The type of lighting you choose should coincide with the type of products you sell. Your best bet is to talk to someone who specializes in lighting and who could give you the best options according to the merchandise, size of the space, your budget, and the vibe you want.

Streamline your merchandise

Having a huge amount of merchandise may seem like a brilliant idea, but that's not going to help you if it's all jammed together and customers have to dig to find what they want. Some are going to give up before they even start, and others are going to search for a bit and then walk away. No one wants to waste their time. Your store should be easy to scan from any angle. You could start by having a major sale to downsize your inventory, and then depending on how much you sell, figure out what you want to do with more of your items once the sale is over. A GiftLogic representative can demonstrate how the Clearance Pricing Utility in their point of sale software can help you get unwanted, stagnant inventory out of your store while still getting the revenue out of it that you can.

Decorate for the season

Many customers love walking into a retail store and seeing it decorated according to the season, especially for holidays. You don't want to deck out the store so much that it overshadows your merchandise, but it should complement it well. Additionally, use your holiday and seasonal merchandise as décor. Put it in the front of the store so it's the first thing customers see when they walk in.

Make your window displays work for you

If you have window space to work with, use it to your advantage, especially when it comes to showcasing your latest pieces or ones that are extra special. For example, if you are a clothing store and you sell vintage clothing and you recently got a vintage Chanel purse that's gorgeous and in pristine condition, that should be a focal point in your window display. Decorate your windows according to the seasons or holidays and base your concept around one or two featured items, but whatever you do, your windows should never be cluttered.

Separate your inventory

It doesn't matter whether you sell clothes, auto parts, books, or household items, your inventory should be easily searchable, which means separating it by category. For example, if you’re a book store, you'll want to keep them separated by genre, and in the front, display your seasonal and holiday options. If you’re a shoe store, sort it out by sportswear, baby, night out, men's, women's, etc. Never lump all your merchandise together.

How your store is set up is a reflection of your love of the business and what you expect from it as well as from yourself. When your store is neat, aesthetically pleasing, and organized well, it's going to reflect in an extremely positive way to your customers. The best part is that it doesn't take a lot of money to make that happen, and even putting in a little more time into your routine could provide great rewards.